What’s the Best Way to Warming Up Your Ankle During Exercising?

Running is one of the easiest and cheapest sports to do. We can do it anywhere and anytime, and don’t need expensive equipment. Everyone has their own ability to exercise, especially at different speeds. The goals are also different, some are just filling their spare time and having to play games like sports betting in SBOBET while running. At once it become the easiest get away while you can earn some money in the most exciting soccer bet to play on smartphone.

Let’s see first what to do before you start running practice.

1. Don’t stress if it doesn’t live up to expectations

As a beginner, the enthusiasm to start this running sport must be passionate. In addition to the spirit of course have a target to be achieved. But, don’t forget that because we are just getting started, don’t stress yourself out and become less motivated. Take the time in advance to be able to make preparations.

Choose your favorite songs to accompany the sport to be more enthusiastic. Take it slow and easy.

2. Let’s warm up first like when you start playing Sbobet

Before starting this exercise, warm up first. Warm up your hands, feet and body with simple movements. It doesn’t need to be too complicated. You can mimic what you do before starting to plan your bet in sports book matches. As a beginner, you should try to bet in football match first in Agen Sbobet, it’s the number one sports in the world.

The purpose of doing this warm-up is so that our bodies are not surprised when we start running. In addition, it also does not make it easier for us to get injured. Moreover, it has been a long time not doing sports.

3. Regulate breathing

Not only warm-up is needed but also we need to regulate our breathing so that the rhythm when running can run smoothly. It is better to breathe through the nose and mouth.

Only professional runners can regulate their breathing properly by using their nose only.

As a result of not regulating breathing properly when running will make us breathless and the energy in the body will run out more quickly. Start by warming up and then regulate your breathing by breathing through your nose and mouth.

4. Don’t forget to drink water

Yup, this is also not to be forgotten. Always drink water so you don’t get dehydrated. It is recommended for every day we can drink 6-8 glasses.


It doesn’t have to be in the form of drinking water, but you can drink fruit juice too. We recommend that every 20 minutes we run is recommended to rest and drink before continuing to exercise again.

5. Use the running and walking method

Running and walking methods in running are also widely used by professional runners. Well, you can apply this method for beginners in this running sport.

Using this running and walking method is also good for the lungs and trains your body muscles.

It also provides rest breaks for these organs. The more often you run you will find your running rhythm that makes you comfortable.

6. Define a safe route

For beginners, determining this route is one of the important things. Not only determines in terms of security but also comfort for you.

For the beginning, you shouldn’t need to do a long running route, use a short route but you know the place.

7. Don’t overdo it, rest day is important

As a beginner, determining rest days or holidays is also very important. Not only giving rest to our body members who work physically but also mentally so that we can continue to be motivated to run.

Let’s start a healthy life with regular exercise. Becoming a beginner runner should also pay attention to the tips above, yes.

In order to avoid injury, or things that are not desirable. Remember to take it slow and easy, later you will find your running rhythm according to your ability. Keep the spirit Okay!

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