How to Shrink Thighs and Calves in 1 Week

Most women are not confident with the size of their thighs and calves which they think are too big. They think this is because they think that big thighs and calves can spoil their appearance which ultimately results in a lack of confidence in public. To get beautiful calves is a wish to look more perfect in the eyes of people. This is because having large thighs and calves prevents women from wearing short skirts and shorts.

Causes of Big Thighs and Calves

The main cause of enlarged thighs and calves is due to the accumulation of fat due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Apart from that, there are several other causes that are known to cause the thighs and calves to become enlarged.

Genetic factors or heredity factors

As we know that genetic factors are the main factor that causes a woman to have large thighs and calves. This condition cannot be changed because it has formed naturally.

If your mom or dad looks big calves, then don’t be surprised, you have to accept it as it is if you have large calves. Big thighs and calves caused by genetic factors are usually experienced by people who are overweight and short. This can happen because they have a short Achilles tendon where the tendon is very tightly attached from birth on the back heel to the limit of the calf muscles, therefore the thigh and calf muscles will expand on their own.

Frequently Heavy Lifting

Lifting heavy objects can actually cause your thighs and calves to become bigger. This is because when lifting weights, our bodies certainly rely on the shoulders and hands as strength so that what will be burdened is the calves to hold the body when the legs start to walk by lifting heavy objects. Moreover, those who often climb mountains with heavy loads, plus the uphill path will make the calf muscles even more trying to get backwards or be depressed.

This condition can cause the tendons around the calf to weaken and leave a large lump of new, hard-textured muscle that causes the shape of the calf and thigh to become large.

Stand Too Long and Lack of Movement


Stand for too long can be the cause of your thighs getting bigger. This can be made worse if it occurs for years. Standing alone puts a strain on the calf muscles and if you continue to push it for too long then new muscle tissue is clearly formed.


The condition of the body includes one other factor. Experiencing obesity or being overweight can also be the cause of large thighs and calves. Posture that is too fat will increase the size of the calves and thighs. Thighs and calves can become enlarged due to fat accumulating in them. In short, the fat body makes the thighs and calves enlarge so that they are able to stand. Those are some of the causes that we can be sure of causing enlarged thighs and calves. Well, now we discuss the solution. Of course, this solution is very easy to do to get small calves, without spending capital.

How to Reduce Thighs and Calves

An effective way to shrink calves which only takes about 10 minutes in 1 day is quite easy. This activity can be done alternately (morning and evening). Feeling sore after doing fitness exercises to get small calves is normal. Requirements to follow small calf therapy movements:

  • In areas exposed to the sun.
  • The condition of the feet is healthy (no wounds, aches, etc.).
  • Using long tight socks, wear half the calf.

Here are some exercises to reduce thighs and calves in 1 week.

Pushing Movement

In principle, the pushing movement is the same as pushing a car to break down. The difference is, this exercise requires a medium such as a wall or a shorter object to push. How to do this one exercise is as follows.

  • The position of the two hands is in front, to be precise, straight with the navel or slightly below. To create a small calf position both hands push but lower about straight from the navel, or vital organs with a distance of 1.5 meters (3 tiles) from the tool to the leg.
  • Perform tiptoe movements with 3 seconds of hold.
  • Lower it for 3 seconds and repeat.

Legs pinch, hands on waist

This trick is proven to be effective because it will burn a lot of fat and make the muscles in the calf pulled up. This movement is done by standing and placing your hands on your hips, tiptoeing position. Do it regularly by tiptoeing as much as possible, hold for 3 seconds then return to a normal position, and rest for 2 seconds. Do it repeatedly.


The correct way of stance is by opening the legs shoulder width apart, then straightening the hands forward in a pushing motion. But the knees must be bent so that they are like a steed.

Don’t forget that your feet don’t touch the floor, and do an upright body movement, then lower your body into a stance. Do it repeatedly, most people lose balance by tiptoeing, but it doesn’t matter even if they lose balance.

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