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On June 11, 2019, the Golden State Warriors (GSW) conquered the Toronto Raptors. The score is thin, 105-106. This means that the defending champion survived for a while. However, the main news yesterday was not the GSW victory. The main news is that Kevin Durant is injured. But he keeps calm and play casino online without any worry with his injury.

After a calf injury in the fifth game against the Houston Rockets, KD missed nine playoff games. However, when he saw his colleagues overwhelmed against Kawhi Leonard et al., KD forced himself to play. Fatal result. In the second quarter, the third minute, KD tried to pass Serge Ibaka. Then, he just stopped. Limped and sat down on the sidelines. Something is wrong with his ankle. It seems like KD knows what happened, that this is an Achilles tendon injury.

Kevin Durant Achilles tendon injury; it looks like something broke

Warriors narrowly won. However, the cheers of Warriors supporters are not the same. Players too. Although jumping after the final whistle blew. They bowed so down the hall. It seems like they know that “The Slim Reaper” will not return for the next match. That was KD’s last match of the season.

If you see the re-recording, you will understand. Looks broken in his calf. The GSW medical team immediately knew what was happening. That is why KD was immediately given a walking boot and returned home with crutches. That’s also why Bob Myers, President of the Golden State Warriors, cried when interviewed. Achilles injury is a nightmare for NBA athletes.

Definition of Achilles tendon injury

If you don’t know the Achilles tendon, I will explain that it is the large tendons that connect the calf muscles to the heel bones that are called the Achilles tendon. It is located behind the ankle. This tendon is very important for walking, running, and jumping.

Achilles Tendinitis, or Achilles injury, is usually caused by continuous or repetitive pressure on the tendon. It can also occur suddenly if the tendon is given too much pressure. And this is what happened to KD.

Symptoms of Achilles Tendinitis

People who have suffered this will experience extreme pain in the muscles of the lower leg. He will not be able to bend the ankle. Nor can you walk comfortably. Also, swelling will occur in the calf.

This is a common injury. However, it usually occurs in people aged 40-50 years. Or in those who have heavy activities after a long period of vacuum sports. However, for athletes, this is an injury that can end a career. Hopefully, not viewers.

Bleak statistics on Achilles injuries in the NBA; take a long time to recover

Basketball is a sport that relies on strength and agility on the field. Everything rests on the feet. Especially the thighs, knees, and ankles. Even if one doesn’t work, the athlete’s performance can drop dramatically. That is why the NBA medical team is paid handsomely.

History is not in favor of those who suffered this injury. The reason is, recovery of this tendon requires a very long time. A minimum of six months. Kobe Bryant, for example. He needs 240 days to recover. Dominique Wilkins, an NBA legend, needed 283 days. Chauncey Billups, 296 days. While KD’s teammate, DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousin, needed 357 days to recover.

Performance can decrease after recovering

Even after a long recovery process, there is no guarantee that performance will return to normal. Just look at Boogie. Or Rudy Gay. Their performance on the field has not been maximally post-injury.

However, that does not mean there is no hope for KD. Some are still good—Kobe, for example. Stay great and productive at the Lakers. Plus, KD experienced it at a younger age. The chances of recovering (maybe) are greater. And if he doesn’t return 100%, he’s still Kevin Durant. He is still better at it than most NBA players.

I will close this article in a positive tone. In an optimistic tone. I believe he will recover and remain one of the NBA’s top players. And nothing can more perfectly describe this optimism than Kevin Durant’s own words. “I’m Kevin Durant. You know who I am. Y’all know who I am.”