Thigh cramps make the struggle of Anthony Ginting stumble at the end of the third game in the first one of the 2018 Asian Games men’s team final.

The 22-year-old badminton player was forced to withdraw 21-14, 21-23, 20-21, and was declared defeated by Shi Yuqi. Ginting only has one day to recover, until then again competing on Friday.

Reported by Antara page, Secretary-General of the PP of the Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI), Achmad Budiharto said the cramps experienced by Ginting were quite severe. The pain began to be felt since the middle of the game determination, and most felt in the calf. However, Ginting continued to play even though he couldn’t finish the match perfectly.

“Ginting is also dehydrated so that the pull of the cramps is getting stronger,” Achmad said. Ginting recovery will be carried out by involving physiotherapy, maintaining the body’s electrolytes, and eating patterns that provide adequate nutrition and nutrition.

Muscle cramps are one of the injuries that often strike individuals with high sports activities such as athletes. Medicine Net page says this condition occurs because the muscles are less relaxed, causing muscle spasms. Sustained muscle spasms then cause cramps. It is estimated, 95 percent of people in the world experience cramps in their life phase.

Some muscles in the body can be controlled and contracted in one mode. Muscles are designed to maintain body postures, such as supporting the neck, head, arms, and legs. The muscles contract alternately as the body moves and relax. Cramps occur due to involuntary muscle contractions.

In addition to cramps, several other injuries commonly occur when exercising, including inflammation of muscles and joints due to incorrect position, torn/broken muscles, or dislocation of muscles, bones, and joints. Meanwhile, types of injuries to the foot include torn ankle ligaments, Achilles tendon injury, peroneal tendon dislocation, and pain complaints associated with flatfoot conditions.

These conditions can occur due to incorrect positioning of body parts when exercising, contact with fellow players, improper playing techniques, excessive use of muscles, and dehydration. Read more articles in here.

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The event of muscle breakage was experienced by female badminton player Nitya Krishinda Meheswari while competing in the quarterfinals of the Thailand Open 2018 in mid-July. At that time, the results of the examination revealed 75 percent of his left Achilles muscle had broken. It is not yet known how long Nitya should step aside from the badminton court for recovery.

Doctor Iman Widya Aminata, Sp. OT, a specialist in orthopedic surgery at Pondok Indah Hospital (RSPI), said that in dealing with sports-related injuries, accuracy and speed are needed to minimize long-term risks. Ideally, individuals should immediately stop their activities when they feel the initial symptoms of injury, such as sudden pain.

“The recovery period takes up to five months,” he said in a limited discussion in Jakarta some time ago. This condition he addressed for serious injuries such as muscle tearing experienced by Nitya. But without any fun activities like playing the best casino online, you will take more time to recover your injuries!

In that time period, the body will begin recovery through the protection phase, the mobility phase to restore flexibility, the phase to increase the strength of the injured limb. Finally, the patient enters the phase of returning to sports as before. This phase begins with exercise activities other than sports and then continues with training as before.