5 Football Players Who Have Experienced Severe Injury due to Horror Tackles

The incident involving Son Heung-min and Andre Gomes attracted public attention. The South Korean player, the Son, looked devastated after breaking Everton’s ankle, Andre Gomes, broke.

The incident occurred in the 78th minute of the Tottenham Hotspur match against Everton in the Premier League continued at Goodison Park on Sunday (3/11/2019).

Referee Martin Atkinson will initially give a yellow card. However, after seeing the injury suffered by Andre Gomes made him change the decision. Son Heung-min immediately got a red card. Son looked devastated to see the effect of the tackling he had done on Gomes. He even seemed to be calmed down by several other players.

Andre Gomes was then taken off the field by medical staff after being treated for several minutes. Several Everton players, including captain Seamus Coleman who had broken a leg, spoke and tried to win Gomes. The former Barcelona player was then taken to an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. The player reportedly immediately underwent surgery.

Besides Andre Gomes, following Achillestendon.com summarizes five players who suffered severe injuries after experiencing a horror tackle.

# Eduardo da Silva

Eduardo da Silva was able to rest for a year because of an injury he suffered. The severe injury hit him while strengthening Arsenal against Birmingham City on February 23, 2008.

Eduardo, who was dribbling, was stopped by Birmingham City defender Martin Taylor with a hard tackle. Because of the severity of the injury he experienced, Sky Sports decided not to air the incident again. Eduardo’s wife was shocked and cried, seeing her husband’s injury.

# Giovani Dos Santos

Giovani Dos Santos is a former Barcelona wunderkind and future player in Mexico. However, the starlight of the 30-year-old has faded.

After a long disappearance from the news, Dos Santos came up with less news. The man who is now defending Club America had just been hit by tackling horror when competing against Guadalajara on September 29, 2019. The pules of the Bresino shoe landed on Dos Santos’ thigh. As a result, a hole of about 3 cm was gaping in the leg of the player and was rushed to the hospital.

# Boaz Salossa

Boaz Salossa is a great player who has filled the front lines of the Indonesian national team. He was seriously injured twice while strengthening the Garuda Team.

The first injury occurred during the 2004 AFF Cup final. At that time, the Indonesian national team faced Singapore. Boaz also had to bury the dream of winning the championship with the Indonesian national team after receiving the tackle of Singaporean player, Baihakki Khaizan, which broke his leg.

The second injury occurred during the Indonesian national team trial against Hong Kong in 2007. When carrying the ball, Boaz got a tackle from an opponent who broke his leg. Boaz also said that this injury was the most severe and had thought his progress would be over. The native Papuan player also underwent a recovery period of 10 months.

# Bobby Zamora

Bobby Zamora had a nightmare a day after extending his contract with Fulham. When the West London team met Wolverhampton Wonderers in September 2010, Zamora was seriously injured.

He suffered a fracture of the fibula in his right leg and had to be absent for five months. Zamora suffered a severe injury after receiving Karl Henry’s hard tackles from behind. It reported that during his recovery, Zamora often play Casino Online to kill boredom in his leisure time.

# Hatem Ben Arfa

Hatem ben Arfa suffered a severe injury while wearing Newcastle United’s uniform. The incident occurred during a match against Manchester City on 3 October 2010.

When trying to get past Carlos Tevez, Ben Arfa got a hard tackle from the side by Nigel de Jong. The tackle broke Ben Arfa’s finia and fibula, which kept him out until the end of the season.

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