5 Causes of a Tense Neck Muscle

Neck pain or neck feeling tense and stiff is a common condition experienced by everyone. Usually, this condition will improve a few days later even if not treated.

For most people, neck tension and stiffness are normal and harmless. But make no mistake ladies. Quoted from the healthline.com page, a stiff neck can be a sign of several dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure, a pinched neck nerve, or because of the early symptoms of meningitis.

Actually, what is this tense and stiff neck caused? Many things can cause a stiff neck, from the effects of stress to symptoms of dangerous diseases.

For more details, here achillestendon.com this time will review 5 causes of neck tension and stiffness and how to treat them by playing online slots game. Reported from various sources, see the full review below.

1. Mind Burden or Stress

The first cause of neck tension and stiffness is the burden of the mind that is too heavy or stressed. When a person is hit by severe stress, it is not uncommon for this to make his neck sore and stiff.

Some health experts say that psychological burden is the main cause of several diseases, including stiff neck. If you want to be free from all diseases, including being free from a stiff neck, try not to be too stressed.

Stiff Neck Muscle

Preventing stress from appearing is difficult to do, but it can be overcome! The method is very easy, just go healing for fresh air in the mountains or on the beach. Prepare money and go on vacation to relieve stress so that neck pain does not come for a while. Watching football and try to bet a bit also can release your stress, but remember always use cold money. You can try to play sportsbook sobobet comfortably at https://www.profildosen.com/sbobet if you are a beginner, try to bet in match that you really understand first.

2. Fatigue Factor

The second cause of neck tension and stiffness is fatigue. Excessive fatigue is believed to make a person more susceptible to stiff neck.

Strenuous activity is said to make the muscles in the body tense. When the muscles in the body are tense, this will indirectly make the neck muscles tense and cause stiff neck or neck cramps.

In addition to fatigue, excessive hunger can also cause a stiff neck. Perhaps, stiff neck from hunger is rare. But make no mistake, several cases show that hunger is the cause of a stiff neck.

3. Improper Sleeping Position

Stiff Neck Muscle

The next thing that makes the neck stiff or cramp is an improper or wrong sleeping position. Of the many cases, sufferers of stiff necks claim to feel neck pain when they wake up.

To combat this, be sure to use a comfortable pillow. Also, try to sleep in the most comfortable position. If you are already experiencing a stiff neck, relieve this by gently massaging your neck and getting enough rest.

4. Rarely Stretch

The next cause of neck tension and stiffness is rarely moving or the body being too passive. Experts say that a body that rarely moves will make the body easily tired, neck stiff, and all sore.

So, try to have enough movement, ladies. Also, try to get enough exercise every day.

5. High Cholesterol and High Blood

The next cause of neck tension and stiffness is high cholesterol and high blood pressure. If you are at risk for high cholesterol and high blood pressure, it is not uncommon for this to cause a stiff or sore neck.

Not only a stiff neck, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are also characterized by pain and fatigue in the shoulders. If you experience this, immediately check your health condition at the nearest doctor or hospital.

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