4 Causes of Large Calves

Are your calves large even though you are tiny? No need to be surprised because it turns out that there are several reasons why someone has calves that are larger than average.

1. Genetic factors

Take a look at the calves of your parents and siblings, do they also have large calves? If so, it means that it has something to do with genetics. The short size of the Achilles tendon makes the calf become large. Why? Because, your calf muscles will tend to point downward to meet the short Achilles tendon.

What you should do: Since it’s not possible to lengthen the tendon, what you can do is avoid activities that push the muscles even bigger, such as calf raises. Do stretching leg muscles regularly every morning.

2. Expenses

Try to analyze your gait, in case you use your calf muscles excessively when walking. This may be because the muscles around your calves are too weak. If your tibialis anterior (front leg) muscles are weak / stiff, warm up to help lengthen the calf muscles.


What you have to do: Start practicing walking the right way by putting weight on the soles of your feet. In addition, use comfortable shoes so that you become more comfortable when walking. Also avoid standing for too long as it will increase the tension in your calf muscles.

3. Fat tissue

The other reason is simple, there is too much fat tissue in this area which makes your calves look big. This is usually as you gain weight. People who experience this should check their overall body fat percentage.

What you have to do: The only way to reduce fat in these calves is to maintain your weight by exercising regularly and a balanced diet. This will also make the blood flow to your calves smoother.

4. Use of high heels

Repetitive activities that emphasize the front of the feet such as wearing high heels can also make your calves enlarge.

What you should do: Avoid using high heels too often. Better to use shoes or sandals that support the soles of the feet and are comfortable to use when walking. Perform massage on the calves after you use high heels or after exercising.

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